Welcome to this collection of art courses, where I aim to provide a space where creativity can flourish. Whether you're an experienced artist or just starting out with a passion for expression, I offer a variety of courses suitable for all ages, available in both English and Persian. From the captivating world of oil painting and abstract & minimalist art to the fundamentals of shading and drawing, I have crafted courses to cater to your artistic interests.

With over 2 decades of experience, my mission is to create an immersive and supportive learning environment, nurturing your artistic journey and helping you unlock your full potential.  the instructors who collaborate with me are experts in their fields. It is my hope that you can feel confident in receiving guidance and personalized feedback throughout your learning experience.

Discover the courses currently available:

  1. I am genuinely thrilled to present the Oil Painting Masterclass, inviting you to explore the beauty of colors on canvas. Learn essential techniques, brushwork, and color blending to create pieces that showcase your unique artistic vision.
  2. Dive into the world of abstract & minimalist art with me, where we can together immerse ourselves in a realm where imagination and simplicity intertwine. Learn how to express emotions and ideas through innovative compositions and minimalist techniques.
  3. Take your drawing skills to new heights with my Shading Techniques for Realistic Art. Understand light, shadow, and contrast to add depth and realism to your artwork, capturing every detail with precision.
  4. Embark on a journey of lines, shapes, and proportions in The Art of Drawing: From Basics to Advanced. This course is designed for aspiring artists who wish to enhance their drawing abilities, progressing from foundational skills to more complex subjects.
  5. I am thrilled to embark on live drawing sessions with my students in culturally rich Paphos. The city's vibrant atmosphere, steeped in history and diversity, provides an exciting backdrop for our artistic exploration. In this dynamic environment, I look forward to guiding students through the live drawing process, capturing the essence of Paphos' streets, architecture, and people. The sessions promise to be more than just an artistic endeavor—they offer a unique opportunity to connect with the city's cultural tapestry, fostering a deeper appreciation for its heritage. Together, we will celebrate creativity against the backdrop of Paphos, forging a connection between art and the rich cultural experiences the city has to offer.

Stay tuned for more classes on the horizon! My commitment to fostering creativity and nurturing talent drives me to continually expand my course offerings. Whether you're pursuing art as a hobby or aspire to make it your profession, my courses are here to kindle your creative spark.

Consider joining our vibrant community of artists from around the world. Together, let's embark on this artistic adventure, where you can unleash your creativity, refine your skills, and witness your artistic vision come to life.


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