Foundations of Drawing +13 years


Why learning foundation of drawing is important?



Taking the initial step into the world of drawing might seem daunting, but as you reflect on this decision, you'll soon take pride in the transformative impact it will have on your life just as it did for me.

Rest assured, I'll guide you through a professional drawing journey with precision, accuracy, and attention to detail. By the end of this course, your dreams will materialize into beautiful outcomes.

"If your goal is to master drawing professionally, you're in the right place."

Having shared my passion and experience with countless students over 23 years, I'm committed to providing you with abundant tips and tricks. The success of my students reflects the investment of love and effort I dedicate to them. Joining these classes will not only enhance your drawing skills but also transform the way you perceive the world.

A distinctive feature of this learning method is that the content becomes ingrained in your long-term memory as you practice, ensuring lasting insights and knowledge. Believe in your ability and talent!

Prerequisites: No prior drawing or art experience is necessary—I'll teach you everything from the basics to advanced stages. These classes guarantee the best drawing techniques, ensuring you achieve amazing results. Embrace discipline, passion, and enthusiasm in practicing your newfound skills for a professional and enjoyable learning experience.

Please Notice: Learning the principles of cubes and cylinders from the beginning is essential as it establishes the fundamental skills needed for realistic and accurate spatial representation in drawing. These foundational concepts provide a solid base for mastering more complex forms and perspectives, fostering a deeper understanding of three-dimensional artistry. 

When drawing portraits, incorporating them into cubes is a valuable technique to enhance perspective understanding. Placing portrait within geometric structures allows for a more nuanced exploration of angles and proportions, fostering a deeper comprehension of spatial relationships and contributing to the overall realism of the artwork.

Course Title: Foundations of Drawing

Level 1: Introduction to Drawing Essentials - (5 Sessions 7.5 hours)

Materials are Provided.

Overview: This session serves as an introduction for both beginners and those seeking to refresh their skills. I will cover the basics of drawing, from understanding lines and shapes to exploring the importance of perspective. Participants will gain a solid foundation to build upon in subsequent sessions. 

I'll lead you outdoors to elucidate the concept related to buildings, ensuring you grasp and visualize it more effectively.

  • You will learn the basic principles of drawing. In this Level our concentration is on 3 important aspects namely: Proportions, Golden Cross and Negative Spaces.
  • You will learn the important role perspectives play when drawing cubes with different angels in 2D & 3D and applying these principals.

Topics Covered:

  1. Overview of Basic Drawing Tools and Materials
  2. Basic principles of drawing 
  3. Understanding perspective & cubes (2D & 3D)
  4. Hands-on Exercises for Skill Development

Learning Outcome: At the end of this Course you will be able to:

  • gain a solid foundation in drawing basics, principles, and perspectives, focusing on Proportions, Golden Cross, Negative Spaces, and hands-on skill development.
  • develop proficiency in drawing cubes from different angles in 2D and 3D, enhancing your ability to convey depth and realism in artistic creations.

Level 2: Introduction to Drawing Cylinders – (3 Sessions 4.5 hours)

Materials are Provided.

Overview: This session focuses on mastering advanced perspective techniques,  and introducing the drawing of basic 3D shapes such as cylinders. Practical exercises will reinforce these concepts. 

  • You will learn how to draw cylinder with different angels in 3D and applying these principals. I will take you outside and explain the concept relating to buildings for you to understand, and visualize the concept better.
  • You will learn how to draw cylinders in 2D
  • You will learn how to draw cylinders in 3D

Topics Covered:

  1. Understanding perspective in Cylinders
  2. Drawing Basic 3D Shapes (Cylinders)
  3. Hands-on Exercises for Form Exploration

Learning Outcome: At the end of this Course you will be able to:

  • improve the way you visualize object. You are able to draw whatever you want.
  • understand how perspectives work when used with different objects.
  • start drawing each part of a face.

Level 3: Understanding the Structure of each Part of the Face – (6 Sessions 9 hours)

Materials are Provided.

Overview: This session shifts the focus to the intricate details of the face. You will learn how to draw each part of a face in different perspectives exploring proportions, and capturing expressions. We will delve into the anatomy of each part of the face, providing a foundation for more detailed and realistic portraiture.

Topics Covered:

  1. Understanding the structure each part of the face
  2. You will understand the structure of eyes, and how to draw eyes using different perspectives.
  3.  You will understand the structure of lips, and how to draw lips using different perspectives.
  4. You will understand the structure of nose and ear, and how to draw a nose and ears using different perspectives

Learning Outcome: At the end of this Course you will be able to:

  • improve your visualization and self-confidence to draw different parts of a face.
  • start drawing all parts of a face with ease.

Level 4: Understanding the Structure of the Face – (6 Sessions 9 hours)

Materials are Provided.

Overview: Now, it's time to advance your skills in drawing faces with precision. This session focuses on mastering the distinct structures of facial anatomy for men, women, and children, it delves into advanced techniques for mastering facial anatomy in portraiture. This course builds upon the foundational knowledge acquired in previous levels, elevating your skills to new heights. Participants will explore intricate details, perspectives, and proportions, honing their ability to capture nuanced expressions. Through an in-depth study of facial anatomy, this level provides a solid foundation for creating detailed and realistic portraits. Participants will gain expertise in drawing faces of varying ages and genders, unlocking the secrets to portraying emotion and identity with precision. This advanced course is designed to empower artists to achieve a heightened level of artistry in facial portraiture, ensuring that their creations are not only visually stunning but also authentically expressive.

Topics Covered:

  1. Draw face in different perspectives
  2. Draw face of women 
  3. Draw face of men 
  4. Draw face of child 

Learning Outcome: At the end of this Course you will be able to:

  • draw a face of a woman, man and child.


You can confidently refer yourself as an artist after successfully completing this course.”


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