Persian, Perseverance, Patient, Positive, and full of energy.

Elham Razani, a Persian artist hailing from Tehran, Iran, invites you to embark on a captivating artistic odyssey deeply rooted in hyper-realism. Her creations, marked by an exquisite interplay of iridescent deep blues and moody crimsons, transcend boundaries, resonating with profound emotion and delicate precision. Elham's art unfolds as a vibrant dance, gracefully weaving together her internal world and external expressions, achieving a harmonious balance between control and freedom.

Her portfolio spans a rich spectrum, ranging from portraiture and figurative expression to whimsical abstraction, all while delving into the depths of her Persian heritage. Embracing innovation, Elham pushes artistic boundaries by seamlessly incorporating the world of 3D onto canvas. Each of her paintings is accompanied by evocative titles, reminiscent of poems, beckoning viewers to immerse themselves in a narrative that unveils layers of experience. This dynamic interplay invites audiences into a captivating conversation between abstraction and realism, where every stroke tells a story.

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