Elham Razani - Multi-Disciplinary Persian Artist

Persian, Perseverance, Patient, Positive, and full of energy.




Elham, whose name means inspiration, was born and raised in Tehran, Iran. She comes from a lineage of royal heritage and was raised in an open-minded, educated family. Her father studied Electrical Engineering in Germany, while her mother pursued a career as a Radio & TV host. Elham did not enjoy studying economics at school, but she continued exploring and studying to find her interests. She is currently completing her Bachelor's degree in Fine Art at Northampton University.

Elham's childhood was marked by her curiosity and desire to discover everything herself, which helped unleash her creativity and ideas. She understands that practice and patience are necessary to achieve results in life.

She strongly believes that everyone has skills and talents, and those who are not born with natural talent can develop new skills with personal drive, passion, and self-determination. Elham's specialty is hyper-realism portraits, but she has also created many abstract pieces. She began her career as a fine artist twenty years ago and has exhibited her works in numerous solo and group exhibitions in galleries in Iran, Canada, Cyprus, Qatar, and South Africa.

Elham draws inspiration from people and the environment around her, finding deeper meanings that she translates into her paintings. Relationship is important to her, and she expresses these feelings in her art. She is constantly looking for new techniques to learn, create, and explore. Recently, she has added a third dimension to her paintings, using 3D in her work.

Elham's positive response to her work has led her to begin teaching students ranging from beginners to advanced levels, using multiple mediums and materials. She enjoys sharing her skills with her students and is open-minded to learn from them. She has lived in different countries and has been exposed to art in these countries, which has inspired her.

Elham currently lives in Cyprus with her husband, who has been supporting her to achieve her goals.