Elham Razani - Multi-Disciplinary Persian Artist

Persian, Perseverance, Patient, Positive, and full of energy.



My name Elham means inspiration; I think my parents knew I would inspire many people! My Name completes me to be an inspiring artist.  I was born and raised in Iran-Tehran, where I lived most of my life, a country rich in history of art and culture. 

My father studied Electrical Engineer in Germany, and my mother pursued a career as a Radio & TV host. My son currently lives in the US and works as a Computer Scientist. I grew up in an open-minded, educated family with a lineage of royal heritage. I majored in economics at school, which I did not like. However, this did not deter me from exploring and studying further to find where my interests lay. I have always been excited to learn new things, to gain new knowledge and broaden my skills in whatever I intend doing.  I am currently completing my Bachelor degree in fine art in Northampton University. 

As a child I was very curious, I wanted to know and discover everything myself.  I think this type of attitude helped me not to be afraid, and unleashed my creativity where I was inspired with new ideas. I understand to achieve results in life, I need to practice and be patient. 

Sometimes people believe they have no skills and talents as they grow up, and constantly look to others and say how lucky they are. I am not this type of person; I believed in myself, whatever I do I will do it to the best of my ability. I learned if you are not born with natural skill, one can develop new skills. It requires personal drive and passion, end self-determination, where in the end you will master the skills. It requires one to work harder than others initially, but in the end, one will reap the rewards. I believe we are gifted with many talents given by God; we have to use these talents otherwise we will lose them. We have an expression in Iran: “The more fruit the tree has, the more the branches bend.” I have adopted this philosophy in my life to remain humble and being open mind.

 My specialty is hyper-realism portraits; however, I have created many abstract pieces. I started my career twenty years ago as a fine artist. I began presenting my works at numerous solo and group exhibitions in galleries in Iran. I then began looking for new ways to express myself in ways that are more dynamic. This took the form of an inspiring integration of both mixed media and abstract techniques where I combined, fine, modern and conceptual art forms. I draw an enormous sense of satisfaction working with these two techniques. My new work soon was exhibited in Canada, Cyprus, Qatar and South Africa. My exciting new work drew audiences from across the spectrum of unpretentious painting-lovers to avid art enthusiasts.

My eyes constantly scan people and the environment around me, where I look at each situation differently. I believe everything around us is created for a reason. Therefore, I try find the deeper meaning and translate this into my paintings, where I appreciate what we have. For me “relationship” is very important, I like to express these feelings in my paintings. I am hungry to learn, create, and explore new different techniques. My mind is always busy to how to create something new. 

After many years of experience in different projects, themes and materials, I challenged myself to integrate the use of different topics and materials I haven’t used before. This led me to combine my experience, knowledge and enthusiasm to form my own unique technique. Recently I added a third dimension to my paintings, where I included 3D into my work. This particular technique has stimulated an excitement within me as I go about my painting.

I describe my methodology as an absorption of the natural world around me and the emotive of harnessing my deepest feelings and convictions together, culminating these together and expressed on canvas. This amalgamation of my outer and inner experiences makes my work a development in which both painting and artist grow together.

The positive response I’ve received for my work, compelled me to begin teaching. I began teaching during the early years of being tutored. I continue teaching to this day. I have taught students ranging from beginners through to advanced levels, using multiple mediums and materials (pencil, color pencil, charcoal, ink etc.) Whilst teaching my students, I feel a great sense of satisfaction, as I enjoy sharing my skills with them, where at the same time I am open-mind to learn from them. This has helped me improve the quality and content of what I teach. The sense of reward seeing my students develop through their own creative expression, gives me much satisfaction, as they progress and grow on their journey of becoming artists. The more my students succeeded the more I passionate I became, because at the end of the day my signature is on my students as my instructor’s signature is on me.

Having lived in different countries and being exposed to art in these countries has inspired me by the variety of art, culture of the people, and appreciate their passion and love for art. I currently live in Cyprus with my husband who has been supporting me to achieve my goals, his support helps me to be free to reach my desire.