Elham Razani - Multi-Disciplinary Persian Artist

Persian, Perseverance, Patient, Positive, and full of energy.




Meet Elham, a name that embodies inspiration, hailing from the vibrant city of Tehran, Iran. Raised within a lineage of royal heritage, she grew up in an open-minded and intellectually inclined family. Her father's pursuit of Electrical Engineering in Germany and her mother's career as a Radio & TV host shaped her upbringing. While economics didn't captivate her during her school years, Elham's unwavering curiosity fueled her exploration and study, leading her to uncover her true passions. Currently on her path to completing a Bachelor's degree in Fine Art at Northampton University, she embraces her artistic journey.

From an early age, Elham's inquisitiveness and thirst for self-discovery propelled her creativity and ideas, unveiling a world of endless possibilities. Understanding the importance of practice and patience, she recognizes their role in achieving meaningful results in life.

Elham firmly believes that everyone possesses unique skills and talents, and that personal drive, passion, and self-determination can foster the development of new abilities, even without innate talent. While hyper-realism portraits are her specialty, she has also ventured into the realm of abstract art. Her artistic career spans two decades, with her works showcased in solo and group exhibitions across galleries in Iran, Canada, Cyprus, Qatar, and South Africa.

Drawing inspiration from people and her surroundings, Elham delves deeper, seeking profound meanings that find expression in her paintings. Relationships hold great significance for her, and she encapsulates these emotions within her art. Always on the lookout for novel techniques to learn, create, and explore, she recently incorporated the captivating dimension of 3D into her paintings.

Elham's positive reception and passion for her work have motivated her to share her knowledge and skills with students, ranging from beginners to advanced levels. Utilizing various mediums and materials, she finds joy in imparting her expertise while remaining open-minded to learning from her students. Having lived in diverse countries, she draws inspiration from the art she has encountered during her travels.

Currently residing in Cyprus with her supportive husband, Elham is determined to achieve her goals while cherishing the unwavering encouragement he provides.