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Abyaneh, known as a Red Village because of its red soil and houses, is an ancient Iranian village. The village located at the foot of Karkas Mountain, 70 kilometers southeast of Kashan in Isfahan province. The village has a long history which dates back to more than 2,000 years and is registered on Iran’s National Heritage List since 1975. Abyaneh is a Village of living traditions, architectural styles (all in red clay) and probably one of the most interesting examples of human adaptation to nature. The language spoken by the literate people of Abyaneh is Parthian Pahlavi. The local clothing for example is in a style of great antiquity. The women’s traditional costume typically consists of a white long scarf (covering the shoulders and upper trunk) which has a colorful or floral pattern and an under-knee skirt or pleated pants. Almost all of the women in the village wear this costume, just like their ancestors. the historical Village has been recognized appropriate for being registered in list of UNESCO’s World Heritage Sites.

All elements of this painting are hand made, nothing attached to it. I have created this painting on 2018.


Title: Village in Abyaneh (Province of Isfahan)

Technique: 3D on Canvas

Year Painted: 2020

Original Sold | Prints Available 

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