Persian Door #47 (Original | Prints Available)


Behind each door are lots of stories from the people who are living in. Happiness, cheerfulness, family gathering, wedding, sadness, disappointment, and lots more Each of us has a story behind the door where we are living or visiting our families, discussing a secret with our friends, families, and parent. The beauty of that is the door will keep all the secrets or sometimes will open the secrets. Though this explanation refers to all doors around the world.

The uniqueness of the Persian door that attracted me is the knockers! Each door has two knockers, each knocker is referring to the person who was behind the door either woman or man.

All elements on this painting are hand made. I have created this technique in 2017.


Title: Persian Door #47

Technique: 3D on Canvas

Year Painted: 2020

Original | Prints Available 

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