Persain Male Knocker #1 (Original | Prints Available)


Knockers are the old traditional objects on the doors of homes. Door knockers are made specifically for each gender to produce a distinctive sound, enabling the inhabitants to identify whether their visitor is male or female. Men’s door-knockers are called “hammers” while women’s door-knockers are called “rings.” As you might guess, the long-shaped door-knocker is for male users and the other one for female users. But the reason for this, is that they wanted to know if there’s a male or female knocking on the door, so that the same gender person would open the door. If it’s a male, the man of the house would answer the door, and if it’s a female, the woman would do that. And if it’s a man knocking on the door, and the man of the house is not home, woman of the house would know that she has to wear convenient clothing (Scarf covering). If woman and man knock on the door at the same time, this means the family has come to visit and celebrate.

Title: Persian Male Knocker

Technique: Mixed Media on Canvas

Year Painted: 2020

Original | Prints Available 

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