Persian Lattice Window (Original | Prints Available)


The window is one of the factors that play an important role in shaping the building in Iranian architecture. In the structure of the window of traditional Iranian buildings, attention to cultural features in terms of visual and emotional communication between the interior and exterior of the building is well observed. Lattice (Orsi) window has effective technical functions in climate control and natural lighting.
The function of the reticular surface of the Lattice (Orosi) windows:
1. Guarantee the light of the interior space
2. Allow the view of the outer space
3. Reducing the power of radiation and the heat of the sun
4. Give beauty to the building's facade
5. Protect the intimacy of private spaces
6. Remove annoying insects (colored glasses, giving life to colorful lights, repel and repel insects).

Title: Persian Lattice Window (Qazvin)

Technique: 3D on Canvas

Year Painted: 2018

Original | Prints Available 

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