Artful Saturdays for Children


Artful Saturdays for Children (All Materials are Provided)

(Ages 9-13 Years): Colourful Adventures

At Elham Razani art Studio at the heart of Old Town, Pafos - Cyprus,


Attention young artists aged 9-13! Make your Saturdays more meaningful with our Artful Saturdays for children—an exploration of abstract art in the vibrant setting of Ibrahim Khan. From 11 to 12, your child will embark on a creative journey, learning to mix colours, gaining inspiration from textures, and crafting a unique masterpiece that's exclusively theirs. 

 Children Abstract Art Adventure 

What Your Child Will Experience: 

  • Learn the Art of Colour Mixing 
  • Gain Inspiration from Mixing Colours and Textures 
  • Create a Unique Masterpiece 

Parents, Enjoy Ibrahim Khan: 

While your child discovers the magic of abstract art, take advantage of the picturesque surroundings in Ibrahim Khan. Explore the area's beauty, knowing your child is engaged in a creative adventure. 

Take Home a One-of-a-Kind Artwork: 

In just an hour, your child will mix colours, find inspiration in textures, and craft a unique piece of art to take home. This experience is exclusive to them, fostering a sense of pride and creativity. 

Why Join? 

Artful Saturdays for Kids offer a unique blend of learning and fun. This workshop is specially crafted for kids aged 9-13, ensuring an age-appropriate and meaningful artistic experience. 

 Book in Advance: 

Parents, secure your child's spot in advance, knowing their creativity is a top priority. Limited spaces are available, and we want every child to have the opportunity for this enriching experience. 

How to Enroll: 

Reserve your child's spot by choosing the desired course. Once we receive your email, contact us to confirm if there is an available spot for your child.

Join us on Saturdays at 11 AM for a morning of colourful adventures and artistic joy in Ibrahim Khan! Follow us on


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Elham: +35799951454

Robin: +35795767714 

 Workshop Highlights: 

 Duration: One Session - 1 hour 

 Location: Cyprus, Paphos, Constantinou Kanari 40, 8010, Ibrahim Khan - Elham Razani Studio

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