Falcon (Original Sold | Prints Available)


Whilst I was living in Qatar (2013 – 2016) I was inspired by this beautiful bird. I noticed Falcon's play a big role in the Middle East society. The sport of falconry began over 5,000 years ago in Iran, and spread over the centuries to the East and West. The sport was introduced to Qatar through the Bedouin tribes who used the birds for hunting. They discovered it was much easier to allow the raptors to take down birds migrating across the Arabian Peninsula than it was to shoot them themselves. This Bedouin method of falconry set the basis for the modern version of the sport practiced in Qatar. With the scarce desert environment, falcons helped Bedouins hunt animals native to the region, such as bustards and curlews.


Title: Falcon

Technique: Mixed Media on Canvas

Year Painted: 2013

Original  Sold | Prints Available 

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