Delirious (Original Sold | Prints Available)


During a challenging period in my life, I found solace and inspiration in creating this painting. Filled with passion, struggles, and hope, it was a reflection of my journey at that time. I approached the situation with unwavering enthusiasm, knowing deep within that something positive was on the horizon. Embracing the process and accepting my circumstances, I remained steadfast, for when you have faith in your own destiny, nothing can shatter you.

This artwork holds different meanings for different observers. Some interpret it as a representation of being consumed by fire, while others see it as a depiction of happiness, joy, and boundless enthusiasm. Regardless of the feedback I receive, it doesn't alter the profound emotions I experienced while creating it. Whenever I gaze upon any of my paintings, a sense of gratitude, blessing, and immense pride washes over me. It reminds me of how far I've come and the person I have become.

I deliberately chose to name this painting "Delirious." The title encapsulates the essence of the artwork, reflecting the tumultuous and intense emotions I experienced during its creation. It symbolizes the state of being caught between passion, struggle, and hope, all intertwining in a whirlwind of fervor. "Delirious" represents the fusion of conflicting emotions and the powerful energy that permeates the piece, leaving a lasting impact on anyone who beholds it.


Title: Delirious

Technique: Mixed Media on Canvas

Year Painted: 2008

Original Sold | Prints Available 

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